On the Road


Listen to what On The Road has to tell you about nearby attractions while you walk or drive around. It takes its content from Wikipedia and reads it out loud so you don't have to look at the display.

In Germany the app hightlights the famous brown signs on autobahns as well.
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The app keeps a history list of all the attractions you have seen. So later on you can open the corresponding Wikipedia articles to read more. As well all items in the history aren't spoken again for an adjustable time (default 1 day). Clear the history if you want to get attractions again.


  • Different languages (English, German, French).
  • Fast, normal and slow speak rates.
  • Distance to attraction (in metric or imperial units).
  • Dark and light design.
  • Image of location (can be turned off to save mobile bandwidth).
  • Different profiles for driving by car, train or walking. Can be customized.
  • Works on phones and tablets.

Android Auto

On the Road supports Android Auto:

Connect your phone and open On The Road on your car media unit and control it with the car buttons.

On the Road

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Many thanks to Björn, Daniel and all the others who helped making this app.